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Sustainability is an integral part of our manufacturing philosophy and policy


About Us

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The Caviar Union story begins in 2017, when we set up a factory in Cologne, Germany.


We also have branches in Lithuania, and over the next year, we are expanding to France, Italy, and Luxembourg. As foodies and seafood lovers, we have always noticed how difficult it is to find a supplier among many suppliers whose product is a true gourmet treasure. That’s why we decided to set up our own production facility, where we carefully select companies to work with.

Our employees are the best and most carefully selected professionals.

They control the quality of caviar and seafood throughout the entire production process. Each can of caviar that ends up on our customers’ tables is hand-picked. We make sure that the purchase and packaging of caviar and seafood remain in the hands of professionals so that you can enjoy the results of our work at any time.

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Our quality control

We only work with brands and suppliers that share our principles

Our staff inspects the farms we work with several times a year. We evaluate grain size, firmness, and taste, ensuring the caviar meets our high standards. We hand pack ready-to-eat caviar in traditional tins and fully monitor the storage process.

Our production fully complies with the highest international and European standards.

Our factory is inspected regularly for compliance with all of the HACCP standards. All our tins of caviar are fully traceable to the individual CITES label. The CITES label contains all the information you need about our product.

We believe that sustainability is the key to a better future

We are convinced that modern production is only possible with sustainable development and respect for the environment. That's why we take the choice of partners for Caviar Union very seriously. It's important to us that the companies we work with share our values.

Our quality control experts visit our partners' farms several times a year to ensure that clean water, the health and well-being of fish, and the preservation of the environment meet our high standards. We make our own production as waste-free as possible and try to use recyclable materials.




We pack caviar and seafood in accordance with CITES standards, manually and using vacuum machines, all in full compliance with HACCP standards.

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We sell seafood of our own brands and those of our partners. Caviar is Caviar Union's flagship product, but we also work with other types of seafood delicacies, providing products for stores and private wholesalers.

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We advise on all issues related to opening a seafood business in the European Union, such as suppliers, product certification, as well as the promotion of your caviar and seafood brand.

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We pay special attention to working with hotels, restaurants, and caterers, satisfying the individual requests of our customers and providing flexible payment terms.

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