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We pay special attention to working with hotels, restaurants, and caterers, satisfying our customers' individual requests and providing flexible payment terms.

We always provide tasting samples for our products because we know how much in B2B depends on the original supplier. We want your customers to be satisfied. We are waiting for you so we can begin fruitful long-term cooperation.

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What do we offer our partners?

Caviar raises the average bill. Shows the truly luxurious status of your hotel or restaurant. Enhances the luxury of the party.

For Hotels

Caviar and seafood delicacies are exactly the kind of product that can make a stay at your hotel not just unforgettable but truly luxurious. We cooperate with hotels, providing personalized offers, flexible payment methods, and deliveries are always punctual.

For restaurants

Caviar is one of the gastronomic luxuries that restaurant customers love. We offer both long-term cooperation contracts and our branded refrigerators in which our products can be served in your restaurant.

For catering

Caviar and gourmet seafood are suitable for any exceptional event, whether a wedding or a business party. We understand how important timing is in catering - and we always deliver our freshest products on time, working to individual customer requests.

What can we offer you?

  • Tasting samples before final contract signing
  • Flexible delivery and payment terms
  • Payment at special rates when signing a long-term contract
  • Reliable support
  • Installation of our branded caviar fridges
  • Update on the expansion of our product lines

How to contact us?

You can fill out our contact form, or you can email us directly at info@caviarunion.com We look forward to an advantageous relationship! Would you like to see our prices first? Check out our HoReCa price list

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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, we do! You can find out more about them on the HoReCa page or by getting a special HoReCa price list.

    Our small branded caviar fridges are provided by us at the conclusion of long-term contracts. You don’t have to only store caviar in them. You can display them in your premises to sell caviar and get extra revenue on top of your bill to customers.

    Caviar can be your calling card and show that you are a higher-level hotel. By including caviar in your room service, you can increase your additional revenue and make your hotel a real destination for special occasions.

    Caviar is considered a luxury product. Adding it to a restaurant’s menu or adding dishes using caviar allows the restaurant to show its high level, attract new audiences, and get on the lists of haute cuisine restaurants.

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