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Caviar Union’s flagship product is caviar.

Which we pack in the shops of Caviar Union. However, we also work with other types of marine delicacies such as salmon and king crab. We supply restaurants, stores, and private wholesalers.

We sell caviar and seafood from our own brands as well as partner brands. Our customers can rest assured that we thoroughly check the quality of all the caviar and seafood we package, and we monitor the entire production process of those products we sell.

Delivery of products

The delivery time depends on your location. However, delivery within the European Union usually takes 1-2 days. If you are ordering outside the European Union, delivery time may increase slightly due to customs clearance.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Although our flagship product is caviar, we also supply salmon and crab and plan to expand our product line. You can find out more on the Wholesale page or contact us directly through the Сontact form.

    Our experts inspect the farms we work with several times a year. We hand-pack each tin of caviar, each of which is tracked by an individual number located on the CITES label on the back of the tin. We have other international certifications, more on that on the About Us page.

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